Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hermes Birkin Bag in Clear Yellow

Hermes highly coveted bag; Hermes Birkin that has become a cultural symbol of privilege and celebrity. this ultra chic luxury accessory is one of the most sought after designer bags in the world for this surely lasts forever and never goes out of style. One is the Hermes 40cm Yellow Birkin Bag, in yellow textured leather with hardware done in gold. It has a length of 15.5 inches, a height of 12 inches and a depth of 8 inches. Its complimentary yellow clemence textured leather handles with a 4 inches height allow this piece to be carried by hand or on the arm stylishly.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hermès Vintage Rouge H Crocodile Jige Clutch Bag

Hermes, considered the producer brand of top luxury goods,Surly, It has built a reputation for creating pieces that transcend the ever changing world of fashion. This Vintage Rouge H Crocodile Jige Hermes Clutch Bag perfectly represents the real essence of Hermes handbags brand. This is bathed in rouge H crocodile. has a single flap which secures the rouge h chevre leather interior. It has a height of 8 inches, a width of 11.25 inches and a depth of 0.75 inch. This is just enough to hold the stuff you need to remain looking and feeling fabulous all through the event. This designer bag is just perfect to be carried by hand or under the arm to add unexpected glory to your fashion look.